It’s Not Just a Floor, It’s a Promise

By Jenny Block

The New Year is upon us and the new floor is in. I know, I know. It’s just a floor. Except it isn’t. There was something really magical about dancing on our new floor at MoveStudio for the first time. It’s beautiful, all glossy and shining. And it’s perfectly smooth and free of dips.

Floors before and after

It’s also a promise. A promise to all of us who dance and play and workout at MoveStudio. It’s a promise that we will have a place to dance, a place to commune, a place to regenerate.

That’s a big deal any time. But it’s a particularly big deal in this, the New Year. Whether or not you made resolutions, you likely have a variety of hopes and dreams for the twelve months to come.

Whatever they are, they can likely be supported by this floor, both literally and figuratively. It can literally support us as we seek better health in the New Year. And it can figuratively support us as we seek strength and joy and community.

I look forward to spending lots of time on our new floor, dancing and spinning and stretching and playing. Whatever you like to do to feed your soul and exercise your body, I hope you’ll find the floor supports you in those pursuits.

It’s only a floor. Except when we make it so much more.

Party Pics!

Party Pics!


jennyblockJenny Block is a freelance writer and the author of “Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage” (2008 Lambda Literary Award). Among other gigs, she writes a weekly sex column for  Jenny holds a BA and MA in English and taught college composition for ten years. For more on Jenny, visit her website at

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